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Verify the correctness of the calculation of taxes and fees Tax inspections are an integral component of any company. And if it can not be avoided, it is important to take maximum measures in advance to such checks took place without fuss, with understanding and confidence in their actions. Despite the fact that the tax legislation of Ukraine has always been famous for its ambiguity, the adoption of the Tax Code will only complicate things, that as practice shows, increases the risk of error.

Reduce the tax risks to an acceptable level, and in some cases completely eliminate, help check tax records for our company. This unique combination of consulting and audit services, since this procedure involves the application of audit methodology, but not for the financial statements and for the tax. The audit of tax accounting auditor examines and analyzes the business operations of the enterprise in terms of their correctness of reflection in tax accounting and tax reporting.

Checking tax records allows the company to quickly identify "bottlenecks" in the account and correct the mistakes before the arrival of the tax inspector. This, in turn, will help reduce the amount of penalties. After all, according to the norms of the Tax Code, the tax inspector in identifying errors and assess additional tax liabilities, the company is obliged to pay a fine in the amount of 25-75% of the unpaid taxes. If the error will be corrected before the arrival of their own inspectors (after verification by the auditor), the amount of the fine will be only 3-5% of the unpaid tax liabilities.

Checking tax accounting auditing firm will help identify "bottlenecks" in accounting, workflow or contractual schemes. Multiple gaps in tax legislation lead to different treatment options for tax rules. The auditor will provide an objective assessment of a controversial tax rate, will weigh the "pros" and "cons", as well as provide recommendations on defending his position. Of course, the provision of advice to the position of auditor, helps clients to defend their interests, is a consequence of the practice of solving such disputes.

The result of verification of tax accounting is a report which will include payment of all taxes according to the auditor as compared with the data declared by now. Test report also contains references to the provisions in the analysis of the conflict situation or in the problem area on which the company made a mistake. Therefore, the information provided is supported by the regulatory framework.

The company can order a tax audit of all activities of individual sections or procedures. It is also possible to check the tax records within the individual (the most problematic or shtrafoopasnyh) taxes.

Recently acquired urgency Due Diligence - the procedure for forming a fair presentation of the object of investment. Due Diligence is carried out, as a rule, before buying the company as an investment. Due Diligence to evaluate the actual state of the purchased enterprise to assess its activities, size and the actual availability of the assets, the amount of debt obligations and the status of the tax account. This is a complex procedure that helps to estimate how much the actual state of affairs is consistent with the acquiree.

These inspection reports tax records are confidential information that has not been disclosed by the audit.

Due to the service tax audit company receives benefits over time, as well as the opportunity to correct existing violations of the law with the minimum financial costs. In addition, identify possible errors, accounting staff of the company will be able to avoid similar situations in the future.

The most useful are the periodic (quarterly or yearly) verification of tax accounting auditing firm to ensure consistent and timely control of the tax account and the amount of taxes that are payable to the budget.

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