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Subscription service - it is not so much the kind of service, and their shape. Subscriber auditing services built on the principles of systematic, long-term and integrated approach. The basic idea is that long-term cooperation involves a better understanding of each customer's business environment and, as a consequence, the issues in several aspects. In a timely manner to prevent the problem requires much less money and effort than to solve it.

Subscription service provides a set of audit services:

  • Consulting services (both written and oral);
  • Selection of financial personnel;
  • Accounting and tax accounting;
  • Checking tax records (both prior to feeding to the tax authorities, as well as periodic quarterly or annual inspection);
  • Checking reporting the Financial Services Commission, in which the audit firm before entering the Financial Services Commission will check reports of financial companies (factoring companies, credit institutions, pawnshops, credit unions and other financial companies);
  • Audit of financial statements;
  • Participation in seminars and trainings on accounting and taxation.

The cost of customer service depends on in what area your company operates, what services will be included in the package, as well as their volume.

Depending on the requirements and scope of activities, we will pick together a package that will allow optimal and efficiently and in a timely manner to solve your questions in the field of accounting and taxation.

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