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Statutory audit of financial statements is carried out in contrast to the initiative at the request of the law. The main purpose of the audit is mandatory validation of financial statements of the enterprise or individual component (for example, the formation of an audit of the authorized capital of financial companies). Audit of financial statements, the auditor can only be carried out (fizlitso- entrepreneur) or audit firm that is entered in the register of auditors and audit firms. Statutory audit is conducted on the following grounds (Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine "On Auditing"):

  • Acknowledgement of reliability and completeness of the annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements of joint stock companies, enterprises - issuers of bonds, professional participants of the securities market, financial institutions (factoring companies, credit institutions, pawnshops, insurance companies, credit unions and other financial institutions), as well as other entities, reporting that, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine shall be officially published, except for institutions and organizations that are fully contained by the state budget;
  • check the financial condition of the founders of banks, enterprises with foreign investments, public corporations (other than individuals), insurance and holding companies, collective investment institutions, trust companies and other financial intermediaries;
  • audit of issuers of securities and derivatives (derivatives), as well as to obtain a license for professional activity in the securities market.
  • audit is mandatory and in other cases stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine (at the time state-owned enterprises rent integral property complexes, privatization, corporatization and other changes in forms of ownership, in the liquidation of the company or in the process of recognition of the company bankrupt).

Auditing firm "Maximum" entered in the register of audit firms, as well as entered into the register of Natsfinuslug . The rich experience and knowledge in various industries enables us to carry out the statutory audit of financial statements of issuers of securities, auditing statements of the company, the audit of the financial companies, credit institutions, pawnshops audit, audit of financial statements of credit unions, other financial institutions, as well as other statutory cases.

In the framework of the statutory audit Our staff can also provide a report, which contains recommendations for correcting the identified errors and improve the control system, taking into account committed business transactions.

Choosing one or the other form of management or engaged in entrepreneurial activity in which audit is mandatory, it is important to undertake the audit is most effective and painless for all its participants. Long-term cooperation with our audit firm will introduce this principle and make the audit an effective tool to increase your business management system.

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