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Employees of the company - is one of the most important elements of its potential. For the achievement of the company, the results of her work is not an abstract company, PAT, or PT, and specific people. But to choose qualified staff is not easy. This is not a product on the supermarket shelves, which can be touched, smelled and read its composition. To identify the specialist required time, which is not always, because often need to close the job "already yesterday".

Never man is so close to perfection as when filling out a job. And in these words is hidden the true meaning. To get what you want, everyone shows their strengths (they are often exaggerated) and hide weaknesses.

Our auditing firm "Maximum" will help you objectively evaluate the professional level of specialists in the field of accounting and taxation. After all, who else will be able to feel and understand accountant, financier, or tax consultant is better than the auditor, which combines all of these features. Experience in the field of accounting and taxation allows a short time to help develop a monitoring system to assess the level of knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate in your company and give it an independent objective assessment.

We also specialize in the company of non-banking financial market. This factoring companies, credit institutions, credit unions, pawnshops and other financial companies. A candidate for such companies must have not only a general knowledge of accounting and taxation, but also to know the specifics of the accounting and financial sector. After all, in addition to financial and tax reporting and financial companies are accountable to the Financial Services Commission. This requires additional knowledge that the candidate must possess a high level.

We do not analyze personality does not constitute a psychological portrait, not assess how a candidate will fit into your team. But we can determine exactly how much he is able to perform certain functions in the economic field and how it corresponds to the actual level of knowledge and experience declared in the questionnaire. We have helped many of our customers form the staff of the accounting department. And if the question is relevant to you, we are willing to help you solve it.

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