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Sometimes in the course of an audit it appears that the neglect of accounting are so essential that the data can be verified only after collecting and organizing documents, making the information in 1C and preparation of accounting registers. After completing these procedures, you can proceed to the analysis of financial and tax reporting, and to draw conclusions about the correctness of its compilation and possibly corrections. At its core, restoration of accounting rather laborious process that requires time and effort in addition to the use of waste as analytical procedures. It is often necessary not only to restore the accounting entries and statements, and primary documents. In this case, our staff will review what documents is available, which ones are made up with the violation and require the corrections made reconciliation with contractors enterprises, tax inspection and identify a list of the missing documents. After the restoration of documents, we contribute to the accounting program and form accounting records.

At the final stage of restoration of accounting, we provide systematic and well-structured source documents, accounting records and the audit report, which contains the description of the audit procedures performed and the calculated tax liability for all types of taxes. In consultation with the client auditing firm "Maximum" can take on the obligations to make corrections in the accounting and tax reporting, as well as reports on wages.

As experience shows, in most cases, the completion of the restoration of accounting client enters into a contract for accounting professionals accounting firm "Maximum" because of the short time between the client and accounting firm established a relationship of trust, which in other circumstances require more than one year.

Restoration of accounting requires effort, time and costs. You can create a new company and work "from scratch." But in that case, sooner or later, unsecured issues will be felt, and to solve this problem would be much more difficult and expensive. That is why, despite the complexity, this kind of service is in demand, along with other audit services.

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