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Initiative audit is initiated by stakeholders (investors, creditors, owners, management companies or financial services). The subject of the audit initiative can be very different, as the depth of the affected during the audit issues. Initiative audit may provide as a test compilation of the entire set of statements and separate forms, as well as certain sections or groups of statements of operations.

To audit auditing firm LLC "Maximum" with the customer is the auditor's job, which defines the purpose of the audit, the content and scope of the necessary audit procedures. In addition, at this stage, it agreed form of presentation of the results of audit services.

The audit results are made, usually in the form of a written report of the audit firm, as well as the auditor's report, drawn up taking into account the requirements of international standards of quality control, auditing, review, other assurance and provision of related services. It is these standards set the rules in the market for audit services and contain rules for the audit.

Most often voluntary audit is conducted in the following cases:

  • audit requirement in the constituent documents;
  • the acquisition of the enterprise as a business;
  • attraction of additional investments;
  • the implementation of new projects;
  • change the chief accountant or other persons responsible for accounting for the enterprise;
  • a change of leadership in the enterprise;
  • a loan.

The results of the audit will be useful not only to the owner, investor or company management, accounting and service, which can correct errors in a timely manner and take them into account in its further work.

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