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Outsourcing (from the English. Outsourcing: (outer-source-using) the use of an external source / resource) - the transfer of the company specific business processes or functions in the service of another company that specializes in the relevant field.

We firmly believe that everyone in the measure of their professionalism has to do their job. At least, because then there are all prerequisites to do it efficiently. It is in this lies the key to success of any company. On the stages of enterprises with small amounts of activity staff often combine several disciplines. The manager has not only the functions, but also makes the work of lawyers, accountants and even a secretary. The savings in staff can lead to unpredictable situations, including the full restoration of accounting. We are not self-medicate, when something happens to our bodies is not so, do not sit at the helm of the aircraft without the need for this training. But in the field of accounting need to save often encourages companies to similar actions. And then, sooner or later there is a question or an audit (in fact responsible for the maintenance of records is not convinced of the correctness of their actions), or the restoration of the account (if the knowledge and the possibility of "accountant" were considerably exaggerated). Unfortunately, the cost of inspection or repair is not very much different from the cost of competent accounting personnel. But the option is not so much - or check, or in a state of uncertainty and risk.

Therefore accounting audit firm - is one of the variants of the organization of accounting in the company, which will avoid many problems in the future.

Accounting audit firm has a number of advantages:

Save money

Staff costs and maintain its level of knowledge at the right level not occupy the last place in the budget of every company. For the organization of work accountants need to purchase furniture, computers, office equipment, reference and legal system, accounting software (which need constant updating), stationery and so on. Wages accountant, as well as payments of taxes and levies on wages (which reach up 50% of the salary) - a monthly expenditure. Also, every accountant has to continually upgrade their skills, and that participation in seminars, reading of specialized literature on financial and tax matters. Do not forget that in his work every accountant faced with complex questions that only by a qualified service personnel such as a tax consultant or auditor. A consulting services are more expensive than accounting.

Saving workplace

Create accounting department requires additional space in the office, placement office, and this increase in leased space.

Working without a loss of time

Accountant who works in the state (or in combination) - a specialist, with whom a contract of employment (even if you did not sign the document as "employment contract"). In this case, the company must provide an annual paid leave (not less than 24 calendar days per year), to pay for sick leave, travel, payment of severance, benefits and compensation. Of course, allowances and compensation shall be paid not so often, but they do not outsource at all. In addition, in the absence of the employee (vacation, sick leave, business trip), you must somehow organize the accounting department until receiving a temporary employee. Working with the auditing firm, these issues do not arise, because the service should be provided promptly, efficiently and in full. And to observe these principles - has internal tasks of the audit firm.

The procedure for recruitment

Choose a specialist who will meet the necessary requirements of a professional - it is half the question. It is important that a person working in a team, enter into it, and was part of the whole. Question staff turnover due to various circumstances also on the agenda of every company. In labor law the employee may notify the company for 2 weeks before the dismissal. After that, hold it no one can. The contractual terms of cooperation with the audit firm provide that relations are long-term and often terminated by mutual agreement.

Quality of services

Accounting is assigned to a qualified accountant who monitors the auditor (for the company is very costly to keep in the state highly qualified professionals on a permanent place of work), while a staff audit firm LLC "Maximum-Audit" are highly qualified professionals. We are involved in various projects that require high professionalism and coherence in the work - from the restoration of accounting, auditing and tax consulting to legal analysis, structuring, tax planning and support of the most extraordinary transactions. In addition, we are constantly improving their level by participating in seminars and trainings to develop and deepen their theoretical knowledge in the field of taxation and accounting. With our work can be found on the pages of leading publications, specializing in the financial sector. The experience multiplied by knowledge and supported by good organization of work, to help achieve the highest results in ongoing projects.

With feedback from our customers about the results of cooperation with the auditing firm "Maximum" can be found in the section of our customers , as well as on the main page .

Cooperation with the audit firm in the field of accounting may have a different width of the issues involved, which are dependent on many factors. Depending on the company and its needs, the audit firm may perform some or all of the functions assigned to the accounting department:

  • Organization of tax accounting;
  • Workflow;
  • Preparation of primary documents, control of the correctness of their execution;
  • Reflection of primary documents in accounting and tax accounting;
  • Payroll and impose the necessary taxes and fees;
  • Reporting;
  • Validation reporting and filing it in the supervisory bodies.

For example, the specialists of the audit firm "Maximum" can perform all functions - from the drafting of primary documents prior to filing reports. Perhaps the conditions of the company provide for the presence of an employee who is constantly in the office and make primary documents, or even contribute to the accounting program. In this case, the firm will only check how well drafted documents and are reflected in the account, and already on the basis of these data will make financial and tax reporting. These alternative forms of organization of accounting save time of our experts, because they perform only the most important functions. At the same time, it saves both the client - it costs less experienced or less qualified staff is much lower than the salaries of the chief accountant or the payment under the contract audit firm in the execution of the full range of services.

Accounting factoring company registered in pawnshops, credit unions account or credit institutions - are our specialty, in which we are preparing special accounting personnel. By entrusting us with this function as in the financial accounting of the company, you loose your time to solve more global problems and develop their business.

At the meeting we will examine what form of cooperation is most appropriate in the current circumstances, and will offer several alternatives, which will be useful in deciding on the organization of record keeping. It is possible that the volume of activity of the company is so great that it is necessary to carry out accounting chief accountant, despite the fact that the firm will at regular intervals to produce check book and tax accounting.

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