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Business relationships with our clients are based primarily on mutual trust and understanding. For us, the customer - a partner, so his appreciation and success are achieved as a result of our cooperation, we are appreciated much more serious financial reward.

Among our clients there are representatives of many sectors of the economy: a market of non-banking financial services, construction, wholesale and retail trade, IT-technology, tourism, securities market participants. We work with Ukrainian and foreign companies, including their representation in Ukraine.

We will be glad to see you among our customers and will do everything to make the quality of our services and the terms of cooperation helped in the development of your business.


icon privateThe fund Icon Private Equity - one of the largest players in the private equity market in Russia and CIS - under its control is the capital of more than US $ 1 billion.


eoc finance

The company EOS is Ukraine International Holding EOS Group offers system solutions for the return of the debt of natural persons.


verdikt fifanceCollection company "Verdict" - occupies a leading position in the collection market in Ukraine, providing all kinds of services for the collection of arrears.


kredit kolectionCCG-Credit Collection Group - an international group of collection companies operating in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.


faktoring centerFinancial company "Center of factoring services" - provides factoring and debt restructuring.


retail kapital"Retail-CAPITAL" young finance company providing factoring services in Ukraine


dak energoEnergy company DAK - Energy.Design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning of electrical equipment.


kapital expressFinancial company, whose core business is focused on the financing of factoring transactions, credit market participants.


olancreditCredit institutions' OLAN CREDIT "- a stable company providing financial loans at the expense of own and borrowed funds. The main advantage of the company is a team of qualified professionals in the financial sector.


lombard groshiThe company's "Lombard" in Groshі poziku "renders services on credit secured by movable and immovable property, as well as cars.


lombard zolotoy koshyk"Pawnshop" Golden Cart "loans secured by: cars, life. appliances, articles of gold.


lombard mikrokreditHome Services Pawnshop "Microcredit" - quickly and without unnecessary formalities issuing loans secured by vehicles.


lombard stolichnyiPawnshop "Purshia capital" - The financial company based on private capital, the main activity - short-term loans secured by personal property.


lombard privatnyi"Private Lombard credit": favorable loans secured by real estate.


zarinaTD Zarina - wholesale and retail jewelry



lombard sakuraPawnshop "Sakura"



evrokreditCredit union "Eurocredit" provides services to individuals with the most favorable conditions.



mikrokreditCredit union "Microcredit" - is a universal financial institution, aimed at the development of micro, small and medium enterprises.



unityInsurance company "Unity" - a modern insurance company, the main task of which is to provide insurance services to high professional and qualitative level.


vyshneveCherry Mistechko - a respectable cottage, which is located in Boryspil district of Kyiv region, just 9 km from Kiev (p. Cherry).



olimpic parkOlympic Park - a respectable cottage, which is located on the highway Kyiv-Chop



interiorsInteriors International - multi-functional design and engineering and construction company operating on the Ukrainian market, with headquarters in Kiev.



Columbus IT - an international company operating in the field of IT consulting. We increase the efficiency of your business by implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP), Business Intelligence (BI) and customer relationship CRM.


ontagritCompany OntargIT, Gold Partner Microsoft, competency Gold ERP, working in the field of information technology and focuses on building solutions based on enterprise management system Microsoft Dynamics AX.


FreshtelFreshTel - Ukraine's first 4G network based on Mobile WiMAX. FreshTel provides high-speed and wireless Internet access.


lumer trevel

Lumière Travel CLub - travel agency.



Danapra tour"Dan Phra Tour" is a multi-tour operator, and also carries out travel agency activities.


knottKnott Group companies are engaged in designing, developing, manufacturing and selling axes idetaley to overrun brakes, as well as develop and manufacture brake systems for agricultural machinery and all-terrain vehicles.


vizaLLC "Visa Ukraine" - Ukrainian representative of the global payment system Visa.



baltik grupThe company BR Group - is a wholesale company that supplies the market consumables for industrial and commercial refrigeration.



kontinetn torg"Continent-bargaining" - a network of shops "Continent"



odessakabelIn Ukraine, JSC "Odeskabel" is considered one of the most profitable and promising industry.In terms of production and quality of telephone and fiber optic cable Odessa cable factory is leading in the CIS markets.


vitizLLC "Vitis Grupp" - one of the largest wine trading companies in Ukraine, supplier of wines from 120 producers from France, Italy, Spain, Germany and the New World.


zeonbudLtd. "Zeonbud" - a telecommunications company providing services in the field of digital television.


We recommend:

Like approach to the work of professionals who are always trying to help in any situation. I recommend to my colleagues at the fact that the company employs specialists of different directions with huge experience. When the global changes in the legislation auditors arrange seminars and training, and constantly direct mailing to customers via e-mail surveys and material changes to the legislation. The quality of the seminar can be estimated as "excellent": erudition and professional coach, and the quality of the responses to the questions, and clarity of submission of materials on the topic, and most importantly - the applicability of the acquired knowledge in their work.

With Uv. Chief Accountant of LLC "FC" Capital Express " 
Kosenko Denis

An hour nashoї spіvpratsі auditorska TOV firma "Maximum" zarekomenduvala currently visokoprofesіyna kompaniia yak, yak quickly that yakіsno virіshuє power, nadayuchi Hotel in sferі buhgalterskogo oblіku that audit. Zokrema, wants vіdznachiti scho vіdnosini s auditorskoyu fіrmoyu LLC "Maximum" bazuyutsya on viklyuchnіy dovіrі s urahuvannyam vzaєmnih іnteresіv. Vvazhayu auditorsku fіrmu LLC "Maximum" nadіynoyu, efektivnosti kompanієyu s viznanim dosvіdom in shirokіy sferі buhgalterskih that auditorskih power, zokrema in sferі oblіku fіnansovih Companies Group. Spodіvayus on plіdne spіvrobіtnitstvo away.

Director of LLC "FC" Factoring Center Hotel " 
Ruzhitsky Pavlo

Hotel auditorskoї fіrmi TOV "Maximum" Vpershe skoristalisya in 2010 rotsі s metoyu pіdtverdzhennya rіchnoї fіnansovoї zvіtnostі 2009 Year. Audit Director provodivsya tovaristva Square auditor Marchenko VP Purshia dosvіd spіvpratsі s danoyu auditorskoyu fіrmoyu viyavivsya away, to LLC "Maximum" Bulo i paying for conducting nastupnoї auditorskoї perevіrki rotsі in 2011. Nasampered potrіbno vіdznachiti Visokiy profesіyny rіven auditor and the Same Znannya zakonodavstva scho regulyuє dіyalnіst sub'єktіv gospodaryuvannya, podatkovih zakonodavstva, buhgalterskogo that podatkovih oblіku, Navikom robots Komp'yuterniy s Programs for doing buhgalterії 1C: Pіdpriєmstvo. Venue of Dosvіd perevіrok dozvolyaє zdіysnyuvati audited by mіnіmalnі termіni, auditorsky visnovok gotuєtsya i peredaєtsya duzhe promptly tobto pratsіvniki buhgalterії not practical vіdvolіkayutsya od vikonannya potochnoї robots. Ale naybіlshe for scho tsіnuєmo spіvpratsyu іz LLC "Maximum" Je mozhlivіst otrimannya kvalіfіkovanih konsultatsіy schodo power, opodatkuvannya, yakі vinikayut in robotі buhgalterії. On sorry podatkovih zakonodavstvo Je Nadzvychaina sytuatsia mіnlivim, ambiguity that superechlivim scho sprichinyaє neobhіdnіst otrimannya such konsultatsіy. When tsomu Bulo not zhodnogo vipadku, if RFQ zalishavsya without kompetentnoї vіdpovіdі auditor abo have vipadku neodnoznachnostі traktuvannya zakonodavstva - without Rejoice schodo dіy have tіy chi іnshіy situatsії. Auditorska TOV firma "Maximum" was nadіynim partner PT "Lombard Sakura" otzhe spodіvaєmosya on spіvpratsyu away.

Goal. Accountant PT "Lombard Sakura" 
Botsula Mikola

Professionally, efficiently, quickly and in a human - so you can characterize the work with the audit firm "Maximum".FAQ is not just referring to the law, and clear and interpretation of any regulation. The work, which is based on understanding and assistance. Everything you need an accountant now, with its constant unstable laws.

Director of "Columbus Ai Ti Partner" 
Silenko Ilona

3 years ago on the advice of colleagues consult the auditing firm "Maximum", namely the auditor Vasili Marchenko. And now I understand that it is not for nothing was made that choice. Cooperation shows his competence, diligence and professionalism in the work carried out, which gives confidence to the operational and quality consultancy support. Now, among his colleagues the next consultation, if necessary, my call is called "call the emergency services." I want to express my sincere gratitude to the auditing firm "Maximum" and its director Vasily Marchenko.

Chief Accountant DP PKTB ASUZT 
Kochmazova Elena