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  • Audit firm - Your reliable compass in the world of financial information.
  • The higher the price of the issue, the more reliable must be information that influences its decision.
  • Tax legislation: the complex is available, simple, easy...
  • Everything flows, everything changes... Heraclitus
  • The decision to take it easy, if behind it weighty arguments.
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The mission of the audit firm "Maximum" is to increase the confidence of management personnel to financial information

Principles of our work:

  • Independence
  • Competence
  • Confidentiality
  • Stability
  • Objectivity
  • Flexibility

Auditing firm "Maximum" is a team of professional auditors, accountants and consultants, who use their experience and knowledge to help clients achieve goals.

Our auditing company offers cooperation, avoids possible negative consequences and increase confidence in the correctness of the administrative personnel of business decisions.

Auditing firm "Maximum" reliable partner well-versed in matters of consulting, tax and accounting. We take into account the demands and wishes of its customers, while ensuring a high level of quality of service, flexibility and relationships to achieve the desired result. Efficiency and high quality audit services - a basic condition of activity that inevitably comply with our audit firm.